Cardax FT Access Control Systems

The Cardax FT access control system provides both flexibility and scalability enabling the security access system to be easily integrated with other facility systems and expanded to meet a company's growing needs. Cardax FT system has been designed from the ground up to cater for the needs of all types of security access requirements. Cardax FT communications is encrypted and designed to use minimal network bandwidth enabling the system to be connected to existing corporate LAN and WAN networks. Residing on an organization's IT network, Cardax FT stores information about cardholders, and the site and system activity using robust industry standard storage via Microsoft SQL Server database.

Cardax Vision

Employing world-beating expertise to create a new concept in security, there was one overriding objective for Gallagher: to create a system so comprehensive it could meet the needs of the single site operator to the global multinational. Gallagher - the platform for integration.